PALIO: Geolocation Mobile App

Date: 2014

Role: Member of development team

Technologies: Java for Android, jQuery Mobile, jQuery, GPS, PhoneGap Build

Language: Spanish

In Spain the Holy Week (Semana Santa in Spanish) is very important. That week a lot of people go to see religious icons. Those icons are wooden sculptures representing a specific moment of the life of Jesus Christ. Many people (or christian penitents) go with those sculptures through the city but many others wait them in specific streets. If you want to know where are the sculptures in a specific moment, you have to find out with a waypoints list. A very 20th century solution. For that reason, a group of colleagues and I joined to develop a new mobile application. Using web technologies and PhoneGap Build we did an app with information about the waypoints and real-time geolocation information about where are them. The GPS information were collected with Android mobile phones with a special app sending their position in real-time. The accuracy of the position were about five meters.