Events Viewer for Electric Utility

Date: 2014

Role: Member of development team

Technologies: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Node.js, MySQL, Express, REST API, Jasmine, Kendo.

Language: Spanish.

Our client contacted us because they needed a lightweight system with great performance even with huge data. There were some restrictive limitations but my development team created a beautiful AngularJS site using Bootstrap. The backend was written with Node.js using a lot of different modules. Between those modules there were one of my creation: sequelize-restful-extended. Finally, the results were amazing and our client was very satisfied with the developed project.

OPERA Frontpage

Date: 2014

Role: Creator

Customer: University of Seville

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery.

Language: Spanish.

Live example: OPERA.

OPERA is a platform where students can work in a collaborative way. Their teachers define some limit dates to propose projects and students send the project files using this platform. However, this platform lives if teachers insert their subjects into the system. For that reason they needed a great attractive frontpage and I thought in a single page design. The results were gorgeous.

PostCredits App

Date: 2014

Role: Creator

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap

Language: English

PostCredits was born as my first independent job for mobile environments. This app is the answer to one question: Have you ever wondered if there was a post-credits scene? . When I go to the cinema I don’t want to wait to the end of the credits until discover just a black screen. This app solves that question of mine and I’m sure it will be useful for many other people too.

As a web developer I didn’t want to learn how the Android or iOS world works so I used a cross-browser solution called PhoneGap. Using its cloud computing service (PhoneGap Build) I’ve created this app and it will be available in stores shortly.

PALIO: Geolocation Mobile App

Date: 2014

Role: Member of development team

Technologies: Java for Android, jQuery Mobile, jQuery, GPS, PhoneGap Build

Language: Spanish

In Spain the Holy Week (Semana Santa in Spanish) is very important. That week a lot of people go to see religious icons. Those icons are wooden sculptures representing a specific moment of the life of Jesus Christ. Many people (or christian penitents) go with those sculptures through the city but many others wait them in specific streets. If you want to know where are the sculptures in a specific moment, you have to find out with a waypoints list. A very 20th century solution. For that reason, a group of colleagues and I joined to develop a new mobile application. Using web technologies and PhoneGap Build we did an app with information about the waypoints and real-time information about where are them. The GPS information were collected with Android mobile phones with a special app sending their position in real-time. The accuracy of the position were about five meters.

TelecontrolTelecontrol STM Company Site

Date: March 2014

Role: Member of development team (Telecontrol STM)

Technology: PhpStorm, Drupal

Languages: Spanish, English

Live example:

The company Telecontrol STM needed a complete redesign of his company site. This site was developed with Drupal and the design was in charge of Paco Soria. We focused this job on show the company services in a simple and clear way.  The previous version of the company site was a chaos of information where nobody could find nothing. My development team and I had to make an exhaustive study on how the information was to be shown.

IRIS: Software Platform

Date: 2012 – Active project

Role: Member of development team (Telecontrol STM)

Technologies: Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL Server, WebServices, jQuery, Telerik (Kendo)

Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan

More information:

IRIS was a telemanagement platform for electric digital meters. Some utilities and manufacturers joined to create the PRIME Alliance, a non-profit organization which defined a communication protocol. IRIS enabled the management of PRIME devices in a scalable and flexible environment. The designing process of the architecture of IRIS was performed taking into account the needs of the clients.

CARISMA – Remote Automatic Control of Solar Fields with Multi-Agent Technology

Date: 2011 – 2013

Role: Member of development team (Electronics Technology Department of the University of Seville)

Technologies: NetBeans, Java, JADE, HttpParser, Bayesian networks, Drools

Language: Spanish

Carisma was a system which allowed the user to monitoring the status of solar panels. The system had a very simple and intuitive user interface. Thanks to the multi-agent technology those solar panels were able to communicate their status to one main agent. With all the gathered knowledge, the system could report by itself incidences and actions to perform before a high risk situation. This inference was possible thanks to an expert system who analyzed patterns and learned of it. Thanks to all of this, Carisma needed a minimum human interaction.


Date: 2009 – 2011

Role: Co-creator (Final Degree Project)

Technologies: Visual Studio, C++, COM, Arduino, Accelerometers

Language: Spanish

Blog (in Spanish):

This project was born as a final degree project aimed at the study of the different devices that may be connected to a microcontroller-based system as Arduino is, with the purpose of controlling the Dasher writing system. Dasher is a predictive text writing system developed by the Inference Group at University of Cambridge. We joined successfully this software with an accelerometer and the results were stunning. With DasherUS we achieved a really intuitive system with a very cheap cost specifically design to help disabled people.